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Mental Wellness Program

Our mission is to empower and better the lives of SOF members and their families through an intentional and thoughtful approach. We are building out this vision with input from our community members, as well as subject matter experts.

We have developed a three-tiered approach:

Community Building
Positive health outcomes start with meaningful connection and community. We have found that people, especially those from a very closed community such as ours, are more likely to seek help from other members of our small community.  We need to give them the opportunities to do this, which requires relationship building and multiple touch points. We plan to develop infrastructure for a network to facilitate community on different levels tailored to the desired engagement level of that member.

Peer Mentorship Program
We have members with life challenges ranging from negative growth to positive growth.  Members are seeking help from service-connected life challenges from divorce to substance abuse, but also positive growth challenges such as how to start a new business, business development, and obtaining USG contracts.   On the other hand, we have a broad network of members who have successfully battled all of these things.  We are creating a place where members on both sides of this equation can connect to help each other.  This network can be an "extension of service," and the goal is to provide meaning and purpose to those involved.

Mental Wellness Program Director
Not all problems can be solved by peers, and we won’t provide clinical support.  However, we believe in the power of networks and employ a program director with deep knowledge of programs who can assist our members.  We provide options for care to our members, and in the cases where members require financial support to cover the costs of mental wellness care, we are there to help them.  The program encompasses a holistic approach to wellness and covers a wide range of health topics including TBI, mental health, chronic pain, substance abuse, family needs, etc.


OUR FAMILY. OUR MISSION. We provide support to active and former members of our select Special Operations community who may or may not be fully served by other military support organizations. To do this, we provide mental health support, emergency relief funds, family maintenance and resilience assistance, and scholarships.

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