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Become A Member

 Vigilant Torch works hard to provide our members and their dependents with support in times of need. Joining Vigilant Torch will help you maintain connection personally and professionally with a very successful network of problem solvers and friends.  Joining also serves as a way for you to give back to a select community that helped you be successful today and a community that is still solving our Nation’s toughest national security challenges. Together, we can help each other carry the load and burdens placed on us through decades of dedicated service. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and discretion is always used.

Additional Benefits of Joining


Access to the members-only Alumni Association where you can maintain personal and professional connections with those you served with. You will also be able to access limited distribution information about upcoming activities in our select community.


Our e-newsletter, The Torch, which provides updates on programs, events, and other information valuable to our members.

Give Back

By joining Vigilant Torch, you are helping us expand our community and leverage our network to give back to a select community that is still solving our Nation’s toughest national security challenges.


Eligibility to apply for the TORCH Scholarship program and priority status for Vigilant Torch social events. Plus more benefits to come!
Your membership fee is deductible to the extent provided under applicable law.

Membership in Vigilant Torch Foundation (VTF) for DoD Civilians

We have now established a membership option under the Vigilant Torch Foundation (VTF) for DoD civilians currently assigned within our select Special Operations community and who were not previously assigned as service members. An annual membership is available for $50 for those who have been assigned for less than four years. Those who have been assigned four years or more may qualify for a Lifetime Membership.  DoD Civilians can request membership information by emailing

Annual Membership


Lifetime Membership

one-time fee.
Installments are possible - pleaseemail to inquire.

Current or previous member upgrading to a Lifetime Membership


One-time fee or a denomination that combines with previous annual memberships to equal $300.

To apply, renew, or upgrade via mail:

Click here to Send an email
OUR FAMILY. OUR MISSION. We provide support to active and former members of our select Special Operations community who may or may not be fully served by other military support organizations. To do this, we provide mental health support, emergency relief funds, family maintenance and resilience assistance, and scholarships.

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Vigilant Torch Association

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